WordPress: Relocate ‘Menus’ & ‘Widgets’

Content Management System

WordPress is a Content Management System, or ‘CMS’. Content Management Systems were invented as a sort of expansion on stylesheets. The primary purpose of a CMS is to simplify the organization of website content, and it’s relationship to your website’s styling or “theme”.

Separating Content from Design

WordPress does a pretty good job of organizing your content. Theme configuration options are under Appearance, and Content is under Pages and Posts, but there is a catch.

If you want to edit the navigation menu on your site, or change the address in your footer widget, those are also located under Appearance. But those are content!

Solution: Relocate Menus & Widgets

The solution is a relatively simple one, Menus and Widgets should be moved out of Appearance. Each should be treated separately, or perhaps grouped together in a “Secondary Content” sub-menu.

Do you like this idea? Feel free to comment with your suggestions and share the idea with others.

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