Why politics pisses me off

When I was a kid I went to a private school for especially smart children. I remember they were some of the brightest people I’ve ever met.

They used to participate in the Model U.N. which is a sort of roleplay for aspiring leaders. When I look at how phony real politics is I am reminded every time of those dozens of children who’s dreams are basically shit upon by everyone in politics today. For nothing. For nothing.

The world is a festering shithole of retarded people, but it could be so much better. If the people who are trying to destroy and shit upon everything were to be stopped at every turn, the rest of us could continue to build upon what exists and it would grow more interesting with every generation. We would see an acceleration of “ages” from the information age onward. The feeling of cultural triumph would be palpable.

But that is not what’s been going on. Instead the people who have been ruining life have been given a free pass to continue. For some reason their effort has been valued more than the effort of people who want progress and joy instead of misery and loss. Considering the scale of the problem is global, this is the greatest failure an advanced intellectual species can muster.

Life is not great, life is a nightmare whirlwind of lies and hatred. There are guilty people who are responsible for creating this misery, and they should and can be held accountable for their crimes against existence. There is no justification for their actions.

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