This is a work in progress. I’ve been wanting something like this for a long time. I based this on another system which had some simple rules for resolving conflict, but I felt it was lacking the depth required to have large scale battles. This project is essentially ‘open source’, I invite comments and playtesting to improve upon this, so that we can all have an excellent system which is easy to learn in minutes, and completely free.

Necessary items:

  • 1d8, tho more is better
  • Miniatures, they can be toys, empty bullet shell casings, anything really.
  • Scenery objects. Abstract or precise, use anything you like.




  • Rifleman / Grenadier
  • Scout / Sniper
  • Support



  • Jets & Planes
  • Helicopters


  • Armored Personel Carriers
  • Tanks


  • Squad Boats
  • Destroyers
  • Submarine
  • Battleship
  • Carrier


Small Arms


  • Semi Auto
  • Full Auto


  • Sub-Machine Guns


  • Combat Rifle
  • Light Machine Gun (Heavy)
  • Sniper Rifle (Heavy)

Area of Effect

  • Rocket Launcher (Anti-Vehicle, Heavy)
  • Grenade Launcher (Anti-Infantry, Heavy)
  • Heavy Machine Gun (Anti-Infantry, Heavy)


Standard unit of Measurement: 1cm

Turn Order

  • 1. Initiative
  • 2. Action Phase
  • 3. Free Actions


Roll dice for initiative, highest roll wins.

Action Phase

Each player gets 2 actions. All players use their actions during this phase, in order of initiative.
Actions include:

  • Movement
  • Attacking
  • Using skills

Free Actions

Each player has an unlimited number of free actions. All players use their free actions during this phase, in order of initiative.
Free Actions include:

  • Entering/Exiting a vehicle

    Each movement point allows 10cm of travel. Rough terrain costs double, as does moving up or down. Changing direction mid-move is allowed.

    Movement Points

    • Normal Unit: 1
    • Hero Unit: 1 + Agility
    • Vehicle: 3



    Attacker rolls 1d8. A result of 1 is an critical failure. A result of 8 is a critical success.

    Success table

    • Adjacent 2-8
    • Short 4-8
    • Long 6-8


    Defender rolls 1d8. A result of 8 is a success. For each point of armor or agility a unit has, decrease roll target by 1. So a unit with 2 armor needs a 6 or better to deflect a hit. Cover decreases roll target by 2.

    Area of Effect

    AoE blasts count as an automatic hit wherever they land, and all spaces adjacent. In the case of a miss, roll 1d8 to determine direction of the miss, and 1d8 to determine distance in units.


    • Critical Success – Unit is defeated
    • Hit
      • Normal unit is defeated
      • Hero unit is wounded
    • AoE Direct Hit
      • Normal Unit is Defeated
      • Hero is Defeated
      • Vehicle is Defeated
    • AoE Splash Hit
      • Normal Unit is defeated
      • Hero is wounded
      • Vehicle is unaffected


    Army point values should be equal or within an agreed upon handicap


    • Rifleman: 1pt
    • Grenadier, Sniper, Support: 3pt
    • Hero Unit: 5pt*
    • Vehicle Unit: 10pt

    Hero Buffs (Maximum of 5 points)

    • Armor+1: 1pt (Max: 2, cancels agility)
    • Agility+1: 1pt (Max: 2, cancels armor)
    • Accuracy+1: 2pt (Max: 1)
    • Morale+1: 3pt (Max: 1)


    Morale gives a +1 to all rolls for units within 10cm. Accuracy gives +1 to attack rolls. Agility gives +1 to movement points, and +1 to dodge rolls, but cannot be used with heavy weapons or armor, and is useless in vehicles. Armor gives +1 to deflect rolls, and cannot be combined with Agility.


    Planes & Battleships can only perform special AoE attacks from off-map. Carriers have no weapons and are used as platforms to launch air attacks. Submarines are used for anti-vehicular sea combat. Destroyers are used to attack submarines and defend Battleships and Carriers. Squad boats carry infantry on maps with rivers, and to launch amphibious assaults from carriers.

    Squad boats have 1 heavy weapon mount and 2 light weapon mounts. Infantry can attack from the boat with a -2 penalty.

    Planes can either attack with rockets or machine guns. Helicopters move like land vehicles, and can use rockets or machine guns. Submarine torpedos and Destroyer depth charges are treated like rockets. Battleships fire a salvo of artillery.

    Machine Guns fire 5 round bursts, each shot is treated like AoE but does no splash damage. Artillery fire 3 round bursts, each shot is treated like AoE with splash damage.

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