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Upwork is a fraud. Here is proof

I received this E-mail from Upwork recently, suspiciously soon after I switched back to their “Free” tier:

Hi Simba,

We noticed you haven’t been working through Upwork lately.

To improve client’s search results and show them more freelancers who are available, we’ve changed your profile to “private” until you’re ready to start taking on new projects.

Here are three ways to switch your profile back to “public”:

  • Resume earning through Upwork. Apply to projects and start getting paid.
  • Sign up for a Freelancer Plus membership. Keep your profile public when you aren’t regularly earning.
  • Contact customer service. Keep your profile public by earning on Upwork within 30 days.

Currently, your profile won’t be discoverable to clients unless you submit a proposal for their job.

I haven’t been less active in recent days, the only difference is I stopped paying them. And this E-mail arrived at the precise moment when my $10 payment would have been billed.

Previously Upwork refused to accept legal government issued ID as proof of identification, despite federal laws requiring them to. They believe themselves above our nation’s laws.

Upwork is a scam. Don’t give them 20% of your pay.

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