Twitter is Public Enemy #1

Twitter is engaged in Social Terrorism and Treason. Twitter is a social media network that controls the #1 or #2 spot in the social media marketplace on any given day. It commands the majority of consumer to business interactions compared to any other single private internet company.

You have violated the Rules.

Twitter will ban accounts for alleged “violations” of it’s rules, but they never support these accusations with evidence. In fact Twitter will ban brand new accounts within an hour of creation, which have only posted a single non-violating tweet. Some people mistakenly believe that Twitter is within their rights, but those people are wrong. Because of the national responsibility Twitter has as a result of it’s position in the social sphere and marketplace, they do not deserve the freedoms of a private business.

Gross Social Manipulation via Censorship

So now we understand Twitter’s primary weapon in it’s owners’ war against the entire rest of the civilized world. Let’s look at their history of using this weapon to manipulate social narratives and political pressure. Twitter bans primarily conservative political pundits, or anyone speaking up as opposition to “Progressive Liberals”.

Not only are they engaged in this behavior, but they have confessed as much on various talk shows. Many people in the Twitter corporation’s leadership team are intentionally abusing their monopoly position to manipulate the social and political landscape for personal gain. That is treason in the United States of America.

Social Media is a Cancer

As if these things weren’t bad enough, studies have determined that Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are directly responsible for a significant increase in teen suicide rates.

The facts are in, Social Media is Killing Children. The studies show this is not necessarily the fault of socializing on the internet, but is instead the direct result of the models used by Twitter, Facebook, and others to encourage “likes” and “Follows”. Children who fail to win at this new social “Game” are taking their own lives.

Solution: Destroy Twitter. Destroy Facebook. Destroy Social Media.

Social Media isn’t inherently evil. Socializing and connecting with people is a good thing. But doing it under the umbrella of private for-profit corporations is bad. It is destroying our world, it is murdering our babies, it must be stopped.

Destroy Twitter. Destroy Facebook. They fucking suck! Don’t sympathize with them, they are smart people and they know what they’re doing is evil, they know that they’re hurting the world, but they did it anyway to make a dollar. Send them all back to hell where they belong.

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