The Tyranny of His Story

The Swastika

I think a lot. I have an active imagination and like Plato I often create characters to facilitate my thought experiments.

I like Symbols. When I was young I learned of how some families have a ‘crest’ that symbolizes their house. I always thought that was cool and I wondered why my family never bothered with such noble traditions.

I identify with The Lion. I am a loner, I am of powerful breeding, I am interested in family and I will fiercely defend what belongs to me. I’m not afraid to kill to survive or protect my territory.

The TetraskelionWith these things in mind I was thinking one day what sort of symbols I’d use to self-identify. Something simple that represents my core philosophies of power, eternal life, and the ongoing effort of men to achieve goals. If I were a little boy dreaming of symbols to self-identify, with these primary traits in mind, I would have designed a Swastika, or Tetraskelion as some cultures name it.

The Conflict

The problem is you just can’t display swastikas anywhere. Because one short-statured shit-for-brains decided he would ruin the entire world and use the Swastika as his emblem of choice. At least that’s what we are taught.

Now I’m not saying the nazis didn’t exist or the holocaust didn’t happen. Which I’m sure some of you SJWs are just waiting to hear so you can jump down my throat with your self-righteous bullshit. No, my purpose with this post is different. I’m saying I didn’t need any of that shit in my life.

“Neither did the jews!” Some more of you self-righteous assholes with anger problems are looking to shout at me now. But so what? I’m not a jew, and I’m not a Nazi, and my family aren’t Nazis. Why should the sins of other people’s grandfathers or the sorrows of other people’s grandparents burden me in my life? Just stop, and think about that for awhile. In our societies we’ve put so much emphasis on protecting children from the horrors of generations past so they can have a fair shot at their own wonderous existence, so why did you infect my life with this _disease_? It’s not my guilt, it’s yours.


I’ll tell you why. Because the symbol represents power. It represents eternal life. It represents perseverance and strength in numbers. Look at it. It’s a capital L, turned on itself like the mobius and repeated in a circle. In it you can see the legs of crafters and farmers, citizens of an empire, moving onward forever. But all you people see is soldiers threatening you. And you see that because you are the real threat and deep in your hearts each of you knows it, you know you are.

It represents power and success, and you don’t want me to have that. You’ve used stories of atrocity and horror to terrify me. Your atrocities. Your horror. It was your grandparents who murdered 6 million jews. It was your grandparents who dropped nuclear bombs on occupied islands and then studied the effects of radiation poison. Not mine, yours. The guilt is all yours. But you would presume to deny me the fruits of my own imagination because you’re afraid of me. You’re afraid of what I could be.

Fuck you

I have no love for Nazis. I’m saying this again because you self-righteous people in your blindness and stupidity are always looking for an excuse to destroy other people. That’s where you all draw your power from. You don’t build anything, you don’t work to improve the world. No, what you do is craft excuses to tear down people who are better than you all. People like me.

You have persecuted this symbol of strength and life since I was a very little boy. You went to unforgivable lengths to shove your shit in my face as if I bore any responsibility for it at all. Well no more, I say. You can’t frighten me anymore, your world is shit because you’ve killed all of the creators and leaders and thinkers. You’re the sheep, the inmates, and in each of your desperate efforts to take over the world you have in your own ways ruined it. You are the Hitlers, each and every one of you. You don’t scare me anymore.

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