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The Root Causes of Violence

The Root Causes of Violence

We the People have neglected education

The United States education system is neglected. We used to be praised as the leader in public education. That was because of education reforms we made in the mid 20th century, things like public schools in every town, guaranteed education etc. However we have not made any significant progress since then. Also, we’ve built only a tiny number of new schools despite our population rising by 150,000,000 people.

Failing education

A lack of education has lead to an increase in under-educated citizens who are less capable in the workplace, less likely to start their own businesses, and more likely to prey upon others to support themselves and their families. Our federal spending is around $4t dollars, but less than $100bn of that or 2.5% is used for education, our most important resource to ensure a prosperous future for ourselves and the generations to follow. We can literally buy societal intelligence if we’d spend more.

We the People have embraced systematic poverty

Systemic Poverty

The United States suffers from systemic poverty. Our society has adopted a dog-eat-dog mentality which traces it’s roots back to early tribal societies. The strongest tribe takes over until the next one replaces it. This is usually done with hostilities. If we want to have an enlightended and civilized future society we need to change the way we approach issues of Education and Poverty. We should be unified in raising and uplifting all of our citizens nationwide. This can only make our entire nation stronger and everyone will prosper.

We the People have encouraged an oppressive government

The United States has become an oppressive government. In May of 1970 the United States government murdered peaceful college students who were protesting the vietnam war. In April of 1993 the United States government murdered 76 people by trapping them in a building and setting fire to it. Since the 1960s and 1970s major cities such as Detroit, Chicago and Los Angeles have been terrorized by unreasonably hostile and racist police forces. Often these crimes have gone unpunished.

Abusive police

Many of us cling to the America of our dreams, one where United We Stand, but young people growing up in this environment and facing the senseless carnage and abuse that our government has been allowed to get away with will feel disenfranchised. They don’t see a nation guided by the rule of law, they see a lot of meaningless words on paper intended to empower the ruling elite while keeping the poor and underprivileged locked in endless struggles.

We the People have made life hell

The United States suffers from a widespread social disease. When someone has a bad day they take it out on other people. Those people then have a bad day and they take their frustration out on yet others. This goes on and on until everyone is miserable.

When people have disagreements, they do not look for ways to understand each other, they use their disagreements to create divisions between “Us” and “Them”. The parents of today’s youth have not tried to encourage their children to embrace our similarities, instead they have become more xenophobic than ever, teaching their children that everyone else in the world is a threat.

Our nation is enslaved by television, whether in it’s traditional form or delivered via the internet. Everything we know is presented by the television, which is controlled almost entirely by large corporations who do not care about social stability, only profit. In fact social instability usually means more profits for media corporations, so it is in their best interest to stir up problems and they are constantly doing just that.

Our politics has become completely insane. The discussions that occur in Congress at the federal and state levels are infantile and rarely show evidence of rational, considered thought. Children are not born stupid. They grow up in this environment and they see the insanity of all of the adults around them, it is no wonder that many learn to feel alone and threatened by the entire world. When faced with choices they will be more likely to make self-serving choices because they don’t believe anyone else is on their side, and that can lead to violence.

We the People have a drug problem

Pills and Money

The United States is addicted to drugs. The Pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest and most evil industries to ever exist. They are not in the business of curing disease, they are in the business of selling pills. New diseases are invented, to which harmful and addictive substances are sold with inadequate testing. People who have fallen into a hypnotic trance staring at their TV are told they are sick and they need pills to fix them. Many of these “medications” are psychoactive which means they effect the way the brain works.

Besides prescription drugs, Americans are addicted en masse to psychoactive chemicals they are told are safe, such as Caffeine and Sugar, and poisons they know are harmful such as Nicotine and Alcohol which cause more than 8 million deaths every year. In some areas illegal drugs are also a problem, but the threat of illegal drugs is insignificant compared to the damage that we’ve done to our society with “legal” drugs.

We the People are distracted by the wrong issues

The United States has been discussing the epidemic of violence for decades. It does not require decades to find a solution to a problem when the discussion is healthy. One of the reasons we are in the same place as we were 30 years ago is that every time the subject of violence is raised, the conversation is immediately hijacked by people with extremist agendas. They never talk about anything except their personal agendas, and they make the most noise and drown out everyone else. After a few months everyone realizes what a sham it is, they get sick of it and they return to the routine of their daily lives, having done nothing about violence.

I have described for you in this article many of the actual root causes of violence in America. More importantly, I have focused on issues which can be realistically addressed and fixed, rather than divisive topics that nobody will ever agree about. Are there any which I missed? I invite your comments if you feel there is a root cause of violence which I have not yet covered. IF we’re serious about reducing violence in our society, then we need to get serious about addressing these problems rather than blowing hot air every time someone goes insane because of the things I’ve listed and decides to end their lives in an attention-grabbing way.

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