The MPAA and RIAA are still losing the war on digital piracy.

Canary in the Coal Mine

“Online piracy is also the proverbial canary in a coal mine. The same pervasive theft that my industry faces is part of a continuum of toxic developments that harm all of us in this ecosystem – consumers, creators, and commercial operators alike,”

Charlie Rivkin, MPAA CEO –

This man “Charlie Rivkin” is a fool. There’s a canary in the coal mine for sure, and it’s Rivkin. He doesn’t understand piracy. There is no way in hell this man could lead publishers and creators to a brighter future.

I understand piracy. I’ve understood piracy since the 1980s when I was introduced to it. I’ve been close enough to the scene ever since to grasp it’s motivations in ways that “corporate suits” like Mr. Rivkin will never understand. His words are empty, because they come not from a well of knowledge on the subject, they come from his responsibility to champion the public message of the MPAA. The problem is the pirates all know he’s full of shit, and they’re the ones you need to win over.

Your audience feeds, shelters, and clothes your family. Not you.

If publishers and creators want to reduce piracy and increase profits, you need to make peace with your audience. These are people who want to consume the art that you are all producing. These are people who have been abused for decades by capitalists. These are people who cannot earn enough money working two jobs to raise their families, how the hell are they going to pay for the latest movies or music, which they’re forced to hear about in conversations and commercials every day?

Corporations are thieves.

“Inflation”, which is a completely fabricated form of theft by you corporate fucks, has increased the costs of living to the point that nobody can afford it anymore. Wages have not increased to match inflation. This is all your faults. And you presume to turn the victims of your greed into the bad guys? That’s insanity, and all of you know it.

You’ve turned shitty $11 hollywood vomit into the ferrarris and convertibles for this generation. Always desired, always out of reach. In the immortal words of George Carlin, we know what you want. You want more for you and less for everyone else. The food is sweeter when we can’t have it. The films are better when we can’t watch.

You will only lose this war.

WAKE UP HOLLYWOOD, you can’t stop piracy. Pirates have been “stealing” your creations for decades, and none of your efforts to stop this have ever worked. Pirates adapt. Pirates evolve. Two things your corporations have serious problems keeping up with. This is survival of the fittest. Pirates are the predators and content is the prey. You’re never going to win. Piracy is a victimless crime which connects the less fortunate to the rest of the society through our shared experience of art and creation.

The future is about US.

The smartest publishers are embracing the free distribution of art. Musicians who allow their hits to spread on video sites like YouTube, increasing the buzz for their product. Embracing fans who create their own videos using scenes from their favorite films or music. Those are the people winning this fight. People still like to buy products like DVDs and CDs. People still enjoy supporting the artists’ whose creations they love. What people don’t like is when you turn this relationship into some kind of fucking business agreement where you can just sue your audience for breach of contract.

You don’t have any say.

We don’t have a god damned contract with you people. You put your works into the world and we have a god damned RIGHT to share in the social experience. Stop treating your audience like the bad guys, and stop talking secret wars behind our backs like we’re too stupid to see what you’re up to. Guys like Rivkin need to go. They’re the old dying model.

Adapt or die.

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