The “Fun Police”, the real bad guys of life.

You’ve seen them. When other people are having too much fun, they show up and wreck the party.

A recent example of this is the recent shutdown of Oklacon. 3 new attendees showed up, did some illegal stuff in the park grounds that the con was taking place in, and then another attendee contacted the park owners and connected the crime with the convention.

So who is really responsible for the con being shut down? The 3 attendees who broke the law? Maybe.. but so is the person who called the park owners to blame the convention. And the park owners themselves for blaming the convention instead of the individuals. All of those people are to blame.

The fact is stupid stuff happens at conventions all of the time. I had the privilege of being privy to behind the scenes information at two major conventions. I can remember a dozen incidents at least where the con was afraid their hotel might kick them out. But the hotel never did, because they understood the individuals are the ones to be blamed. (plus they make a lot of money). The con bans the individual, and the problem is effectively solved. This has been going on for years. People who violate the ban are likely to be arrested.

There’s people talking about this today and I think they are missing the big picture. Sure, idiots sometimes ruin things for everyone, but the fun police ruin the party every time, and they do it a lot more frequently than idiots. And they do it on purpose, unlike some dumb kids who were just trying to have fun and did not appreciate the consequences of their actions.

You can see the letter from the convention about it’s closing, below:

Show Oklacon's 'Goodbye' letter.

To our Oklacon Family,

As we informed you earlier this year, Roman Nose State Park terminated
our relationship and denied our group camp application for Oklacon 2015.
The entire Oklacon Street Team, the officers that manage the event LLC
and those volunteers who actually make Oklacon itself happen, scrambled
to find alternative locations on short notice. We found what should
have been a great opportunity for the convention, Sequoyah State Park.
It included expansion options, higher quality facilities, and a new hope
for Oklacon to carry on another year.

The final straw for Oklacon’s ouster from RNSP was three first-time,
out-of-state individuals who elected to show up, register for our event,
and engage in lewd and illegal conduct on the state park grounds, on
group camp space under Oklacon’s name, as was already announced in detail here.
Last week, an Oklacon attendee directly contacted Sequoyah and linked
our event with these serious lapses in judgement by those three
individuals that damaged Oklacon’s reputation and ability to host at
RNSP to the Sequoyah State Park staff. Sequoyah now views us as too
large of a liability to be hosted there, and we have received notice
from the state-level management of the park system we will be denied
from re-entry to any state park in the future.

So, it is with a sad and heavy heart that we inform you that Oklacon is cancelled this year and indefinitely.

We understand the extreme disappointment and trouble this will cause
those who had planned to attend this year’s iteration of the world’s
largest outdoor furry convention. We understand some may have arranged
travel, time-off, or forfeited other plans to attend Oklacon – and to
those who have been adversely impacted by the State of Oklahoma’s
decision – we are extremely disappointed too.

First and foremost, those who paid any funds for registrations, lodging,
tent spots, dealer spaces, etc. for Oklacon 2015 will be made whole
through refunds. There are over 250 payments we have to date to refund,
so please bare with us as we work to reach out and provide an orderly
return of your monies no later than October 31, 2015. We will be unable
to honor refunds for ‘comps’, contest winnings from 2014, or deferrals
from a previous-year no-show. Any and all requests for information or
refund status should only be sent to – not to any one individual, through social media, or via SMS or IM.

Second, the legal entity that produces Oklacon, Fuzzy Productions LLC,
will be shuttering its operations by December 31, 2015 and divesting
itself of all assets and funds by that date. In an open and transparent
process, we will find appropriate ways to wind down various areas such
as our website, assets in storage, and funds in the bank. As an LLC,
any liquidated ‘proceeds’ of the business will be returned to the five
Board members of record; however, all have agreed to return any funds
remaining after all refund, tax payments, and other wind down
obligations are met immediately to provide them as a charitable donation
to Wildcare Foundation, of Noble, OK.

Third, the Oklacon trademark will be transferred for ‘safekeeping’ and
maintained only insomuch as to ensure no other event that starts in the
future uses this name for its own purposes. The last Oklacon event was
Oklacon 2014, and no future event under this brand will be scheduled.
The damage done by the three individuals and the Oklahoma Tourism &
Recreation Department to our event planning and brand name is
irreparable at this point.

Fourth, if you are an Oklahoma resident, your tax dollars fund the
Oklahoma Tourism & Recreation Department that has forced this
outcome. If you wish to file a complaint by phone, you may do so at the
Executive Office of Oklahoma Tourism.

Fifth, this board will not be releasing the names of the individuals who
exhibited such poor behavior in 2014, the individual who last week
precipitated this year’s cancellation at Sequoyah, or the names of
individuals at the Oklahoma Tourism & Recreation Department who made
their decisions. We absolutely do not desire or condone any harassment
of individuals, however poor their behavior or decision outcome may be.
Let this be a warning to the
entire Furry community both inside Oklahoma and abroad: poor actors can
sabotage not only an event or a convention, but everything we stand for
as a community. Despite the incredibly hard work of many furs over the
course of more than a decade, it takes only a few selfish individuals
acting without regard of each other to destroy the tremendous good that
brings us together. Check each other, and give careful consideration to
the maturity of your actions when you interact, especially at a larger
community event. There is no excuse for reckless, dangerous, or illegal
behavior, and we need to as a community voice and act on our
intolerance for it.

Sixth, all personal information will be fully destroyed, deleted, and
securely wiped after refunds have been issued and confirmed. No
personal information will be stored or made available to another
convention or event.

And finally, Oklacon ran for 12 years, welcoming over 1,720 unique faces
into the wild splendors of Oklahoma. In a world before FWA, Califur,
RMFC, or RainFurrest, we united the whole Southwest in one exciting and
refreshingly different event and created a safe haven for many young
furs in particular. Many of you reading this will recount some great
memories and wonderful friendships made at Oklacon over the years and
some call it your very first con, or even your ‘home con’. Through
everyone’s generosity, we raised over $50,000 for two amazing Oklahoma
charities – Safari’s Animal Sanctuary of Broken Arrow, OK and later,
Wildcare Foundation of Noble, OK. We brought many firsts to the furry
community, such as Charity Poker, which is now a staple event at many
cons from coast to coast, and with the help of our great friends at
Feral!, Predator and Prey debuted in the United States in a way only an
outdoor convention could do justice to.

We’ll be honest – this outcome is a shame and a huge disappointment for
all of us who have worked for so many years to bring a great time to
all. And with great care and regret, we close the last chapter of the
fantastic story that is “Oklacon” in the history of the furry fandom. It
is with great sadness, but also optimism we look forward for what
happens next. Oklacon was only ever a group of great people who wanted
to see an Oklahoma owned and operated furry convention. That community
has only grown and strengthened over great memories of hotdogs over the
campfire, hot chocolate on a chill autumn morning, or howling into the
moonlit October sky during a late night game of Werewolf.

There’s another fantastic story to be written. This time, it’s up to you to write it.



Horses’ Ghost,
Fuzzy Productions, LLC

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