The consequences of inaction

Here is how decisions are made in the white house:

President: Someone has attacked us, start spying on everyone in the country immediately.
Advisors: But sir, that is illegal.
President: Do it anyway. This is a national emergency! We’ll face the consequences later.

Except the consequences are never faced. It’s the same as living in a home that is always piled with garbage because the people who live there are too lazy to pick up the trash. It’s not as tho picking up the trash is difficult or time consuming. It requires almost no effort, almost no time investment, and the result is rewarding.

A person who ignores the trash the first time is going to ignore the trash the second time. Whatever retarded calculation tells them it isn’t worth it “right now” is going to persist in their minds. This applies to justice as well. We live in a shitty country where there is no rule of law because nobody ever picks up their trash.

People who break the law in government need to be prosecuted and convicted and sentenced immediately. Not years later. And the president needs to be stripped of his power to pardon them without justification. The president often pardons, saying “it’s my guilt, let him go free” but that’s like hitler pardoning the nazis who worked at the death camps. They should all burn together.

And why haven’t we thrown any presidents in prison for their treasonous behavior? Does anyone seriously think it’s ever going to stop when there are never any consequences? It’s been getting worse for years and it will continue to get worse until we live in the worst tyrannical dictatorship in the world because of our inaction.

It was time to end their illegal behavior 10 years ago. Every day that passes I blame the entire country for their unwillingness to mete justice. Every terrible tragic thing that happens as a result of laws being disregarded are the consequence for never enforcing the laws against high profile targets such as government employees. I love America, but you all deserve your fates. If you really want improvement, you need to take the steps necessary to improve them, else nobody is ever going to believe you. We rational people think you enjoy suffering. We think you are soaking in the pain of your idiotic behaviors.

But there is a greater consequence that you will all face. I don’t enjoy suffering. I’m not an idiot and I don’t act like one. I don’t want to be thrown into hell with the rest of you fools. I am going to emphasize these differences between us, so that all of you will be contained together in your bubble of suffering, far away from me. Far away from intelligent, capable people who could help guide you home.

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