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LGBT Stop Drinking Their KoolAid

When I was 15 I realized I was bisexual. That is not the same thing as “gay”.

Over years people went out of their way to convince me that I was gay. They don’t believe in “bisexual”. All they believe in is “normal”, which is straight, and everyone else is a faggot.

Y’all think that LGBT people are respected these days. We aren’t. They do not respect us. They do not respect you. They’re paying lip service out one side of their faces while mocking you out the other.

At parties people have dicks drawn on their faces in sharpee marker. They write things like “CUMSLUT” or “FAGGOT” on their bodies. The victims think this is just friends joking around. It isn’t. Those people are not your friends. They’re making fun of you, and pretending to be your friends so you won’t run away because then who would they victimize?

Humans are a terrible species of really awful people. All of you need to wake up and realize that. Stand up for yourselves and stop tolerating their shit.

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Gay Pride is Bullshit!

It was created to mock gay people

Humans are liars. There is one thing which is almost universally shared between adult humans, that is they hate their lives, they’re too scared to commit suicide, and they take out their rage on other humans. Straight men invented “Gay pride” to mock and make fun of people who will literally march in any parade no matter how insulting and degenerate it is. There are a few floats in each parade that are respectable, but that is not what everyone takes home from these events. What they take home is “Look at the faggots! Oh they’re such faggots!”

Gay lifestyle is bullshit

Sexuality is retarded. People are not born one way or another, they’re conditioned through years of experiences, teaching, and self-thought. They reach conclusions which are often subtle and difficult to pin down the sources of. Sexuality is one of those conclusions. All humans are capable of enjoying sex with both genders, but because of years of conditioning they often find one gender or the other sexually “disgusting”. Often this is an accidental process. In some cases it could have been deliberate.

There is no “queer community”.

Gay people do not have each other’s backs. Humans do not have each other’s backs. Humans are always on the brink of war with their own neighbors, for whatever stupid reason they’ve invented that week, and gay people are as much a part of that mental disease as any categorical group of people.

This is not an attack on your family.

Everyone has a tribe of friends they will defend fiercely.. You need to be careful not to assume that the bubble you live in every day represents the world at large.  This is not an attack on the bonds of your tiny tribe or family.