Why I would vote for Donald Trump

Some people believe that if you would vote for Donald Trump, that makes you a trump supporter. These people are thinking in very limited, binary terms. You’re either democrat or republican, liberal or conservative. The real world is not black and white, and the human mind is capable of more complex reasoning than this or that.

I am not a Trump supporter, but given a choice between Donald Trump, a relatively successful businessman, and Hillary Clinton, a known felon with a history of fatal incompetence in government, I would have no choice but to vote for Trump. Or I could throw my vote away on some 3rd party candidate who would never win, thanks to our entirely corrupt and rigged electoral system.

There are several significant black marks on Hillary’s record. First and foremost, the “email scandal”, which is not simply a scandal, but a crime. Hillary used private email servers that she owned for government business. That is a felony offense. She knew it was a crime, not that ignorance is a valid defense in any court of law, but that she knew it and did it anyway shows her disrespect for the rule of law. The laws regarding government correspondence exist to prevent spying, but also to increase security against hackers, as well as to provide transparency in cases when the Freedom of Information Act is used. Hillary knows this. She likely chose to break the law so she could avoid Freedom of Information Act requests. She disregarded the risk of hacking, and thereby disregarded the risk to our national security. She flat out lied about it when challenged, which there is documented proof of. She lacks the quality of character required for someone who is to be charged with leading our nation’s armed forces. Let’s remember that control of the United States Military, the largest nuclear power in the world, is the first job of the President. A person with her character flaws cannot be allowed to have her fingers anywhere near “the button”.

Benghazi is next. I followed this story when it broke, I forget some of the details as I write this, but I recall it was clear to me that the death of our soldiers was the result of Hillary Clinton’s negligence in her duties. She disregarded calls for increased security, and as a result U.S. service men died. Again, she does not show the competence or qualifications required to be Commander-in-Chief.

If we dial the time machine back a few years, when Bill Clinton was in office, you might remember there was a scandal called “Whitewater”. Basically what happened is some business associates of the Clinton’s got caught doing illegal stuff. The Clintons denied having any involvement but it was found that they were very closely involved in the entire scandal. And then Bill Clinton mis-used the powers of his office to pardon the people responsible. You can read the whole thing at wikipedia.

So what we see is a history of disregard for the law, incompetence in office, and generally being a “bad person”. When you watch Clinton talk, she appears fake and full of anger she is aching to unleash upon the world. She is completely in the pockets of large corporations and many rich people, some of who are probably also criminals. She is very likely going to be indicted on felony charges, which would make her incapable of serving as President, and would open the door to all sorts of weird backroom deals for the democrats to “name” a President without a vote from the people. She is basically the worst possible choice.

Donald Trump is not a great candidate. He’s a terrible public speaker, he clearly views women as subservient to men, his views on race are questionable, his wall-building rhetorric is unrealistic and obviously pandering, but he has good ideas too. Enforcing deportation of illegal immigrants for example, is a good idea. Laws are worthless if those laws are not enforced, and for the entirety of my lifetime the law has been if you come to this country illegally you will be discovered and thrown out. Why this stopped happening is a mystery. When you stop cleaning your house, your house becomes a pig-sty. Because you were lazy and did not keep up with your chores does not mean you should permanently abandon those responsibilities, it means you have to work harder to get back to where you should be. That’s what we face today. It may cost a lot of money but deporting illegal immigrants should be a priority for any president.

There are a lot of important things which Trump will not do. Trump will probably not raise the minimum wage to $15/hr, which really needs to happen. Trump will probably not increase the education budget, which really needs to happen. Trump will probably not start any new wars, that’s a good thing. Trump will not further the gun-grabbing agenda, that’s a good thing. He is a mixed bag of insane rhetorric and a few good ideas and a few bad ideas. When compared side by side to Clinton, that makes him a better candidate. Also, the conservative establishment hates him, which has got to count for something.

The only really hopeful looking candidate is Bernie Sanders. He’s got a relatively clean history in government, his policies are mostly based on sound science, he has suggested nothing insane so far, and he’s not too old (yet). But it appears we’re not going to be allowed to vote for him. So if this election comes down to Clinton vs. Trump, it’s no-contest, any rational thinking patriot has to vote for Trump.