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My satisfaction with the software I use in my daily life is at an all-time high

I realized today that the software I use for most of my daily activities is some of the best free software ever made, and many of the programs are not well-known. So I thought I’d do my part to help remedy that.

All of the software listed here is free

News & Social Apps:

Tiny Tiny RSS: this is a fantastic RSS reader. It’s free, it’s skinnable, and it’s light-weight. You can operate it on your own VPS, to have complete control.
TweetDeck: I got tired of the limitations in the default twitter client. TweetDeck is far superior.


Roundcube: The most popular webmail client today.


Winamp: The best free media player available since the 1990s, Winamp.
VLC player: A free video player which can play all formats without requiring you to install special codecs.


LibreOffice: A full-featured office suite. I dont use office apps often but when I need to craft fancy documents or spreadsheets, this is the tool I use.

Operating Systems

Debian: I use Debian in all linux installations because of it’s free software philosophy, which I subscribe to completely.

Password Security

KeePass: The #1 best password tool by far, and it’s completely free! Versions exist for every popular mobile platform, and all operating systems.

Cloud Storage

ownCloud: Cloud storage is great, but who wants to entrust their sensitive data to strangers? ownCloud lets you operate your own cloud storage service on your own servers. It includes encryption capabilities.

Server Hosting:

A number of the apps I’ve listed are server-side. These days, affordable hosting is everywhere. I get my servers from a buddy of mine, they’ve got prices as low as $7/mo. Check them out here: All Day Monitoring.

Free Software Directory

If you’d like to find more free apps, check out this website: Free Software Directory.

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