Most Retarded Idea of 2016: Guaranteed Minimum Income.

Why guaranteeing income regardless of whether a person works or not, is a retarded idea.

1. Economy is a system.
Economy is similar to the ecological systems we see in nature. It is a system where resources flow from one piece to the next. You create things, things have value, other people trade their stuff of value for your things of value. Sometimes rather than creation, the value is in service, such as with doctors. But usually value comes from creation (or production, in the industrial realm).

2. Nobody would work.
Giving everyone a guaranteed income is exactly the same as giving everyone food without requiring farms or hunting. It is actually impossible. Over a long period of time people would stop working and would persue recreation instead. But for our world to survive, the majority of the people living in it must continue to work, to maintain roads, to serve lunch at the restaurant, to keep the internet operational, to route phone calls.

3. Money is a finite resource.
There are X number of dollars in the world. We are pushing those dollars around in a somewhat complicated circle. The only way to add money to this system is to create things of value. Over time, the money begins flowing into the hands of specific people, sort of like natural selection. Because stupid people spend their money on retarded things that they do not actually need. That isn’t going to change anytime soon.

In summary, a guaranteed income would destroy the global economy. There would be famines and depressions and mass poverty everywhere within years. People would die on a massive scale. A guaranteed minimum income is not a compassionate idea, it’s a retarded, selfish, lazy idea.

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