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Religion is Insanity

God is Not Real.

There is no such thing as God. Now right away “true believers”, also known as “insane people”, are going to take issue with my statement of fact, that God is not real. But here’s the thing about Truth and Facts, it doesn’t matter if you believe in them. Your belief does not have power to shape the world. You can’t ‘will’ god into being with the power of prayer. God is not real, that is a fact, and there is nothing that you or anyone else can do about it.

There Is No God.

So if God is not real, what is faith? What is belief? Religious devotion is a person saying that even tho Santa Claus does not exist, even tho the Easter Bunny is not real, they’re going to devote their life to worshipping this non-existent being, they’re going to make important decisions which affect them and others based on this non-existent, entirely fictional being. That’s insanity.

The Enlightenment is 300 years old

If you’re unfamiliar with The Enlightenment, it is a period of human history when a lot of people realized that God is not real, and Religions are lies. You can read all about it at Wikipedia: The Enlightenment happened in the 18th century. It’s now the 21st century. 300 years have passed and it is time that we stop tolerating the cancer of religion which eats away at the progress and evolution of intelligent life.

Religious People Need Help

It’s not enough to say followers of religion are insane. They are insane, that much needs to be acknowledged for certain. They are suffering from a mental disease. People who suffer from mental diseases need treatment to cure them of their ailment. Thankfully Religion is the easiest mental disease to cure. All you need is a consistent and healthy dose of education, critical thinking skills, and protection from the diseased masses who will reinforce their brainwashing.

Tolerating a curable mental disease is not social compassion, it’s sadism.

One way that we can take a big leap forward in helping these delusional suffers escape the intellectual prison of religion is to stop reinforcing their delusions with “tolerance” or “respect”. God is not real, and they need to be told that, by everyone, all of the time. God-based opinions need to be summarily discarded in all debates without exception. People who suffer from the mental disease of religion need to see that it is unhealthy and that it is not respected by any intellectuals in the 21st century. Tolerating a curable mental disease is not social compassion, it’s sadism.

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