Presidential Competency Litmus Test

These are three leadership philosophies that are obvious and should be easy to agree with. Anyone who does not believe in these 3 simple ideas is not suitable to lead a modern enlightened civilization. Anyone who does not agree with these 3 things will prove themselves to be too self-interested or incompetent to lead a nation.

1. The 2nd Amendment protects an individuals right to protect himself with modern arms against threats domestic and foreign, from street muggers to tyranically governments

2. The ratio of dollars spent on National Defense compared with Education is roughly 6:1. That should be changed to 2:5. We are creating a nation of stupid people who are only good at killing other human beings. That might have worked in the Dark Ages but we are in the Information Age. We need a nation of smart people. The money should be spent on building many new public schools, especially in high density areas such as cities, to reduce all class room sizes to below 20. Hiring new teachers, and funding teaching careers with an increase in college grants and scholarships.

3. Corruption in Government should be persued and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The rule of law itself is meaningless if our leaders cannot be jailed for their crimes. The abuse of presidential pardons to allow terrible people to escape justice must be stopped, and should be a crime.

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