Humans, wake the fuck up.

Stop testing people.

When humans are little kids, around 2 years old, they are known to push the limits of their parent’s patience and tolerance for bad behavior. Nearly all 2 year old infants do this in order to learn what they can get away with in their family. It’s a well known psychological fact.

When I became a man, I put away childish things.

The problem I see is that many of you, and I mean many of you, are using the same techniques against full grown adults who are not part of your family. You’re in your 20s or 30s or maybe older, and you’re “pushing” people to figure out what you can get away with.

Please, allow me to briefly teach you a lesson you need to learn. You can’t get away with anything. Strangers that you meet in this world of 7 billion people are not your parents. We are not obligated to love you, or care for you, or tolerate you.

Real life is a dangerous place.

I grew up around Detroit. I lived in a pretty calm suburb, but there was no shortage of stories and expressions about people being shot for this or that social offense. I know some of you over-sheltered babes are going to say “That’s horrible!”. Here’s the thing about growing up and entering the real world. It does not matter if it’s horrible. You have to play with the hand you are dealt. You are too insignificant to rewrite all of the rules of existence for your own personal benefit.

With that in mind, if you push people, if you “test” the patience of complete strangers, you are likely to get yourself killed, or worse. I was raised a pacifist, so I don’t believe in solving my problems with violence, but I am an exception. Pacifists are not the majority. You all need to wake up. Grow up. You lived sheltered lives as children, and you’re no longer in the shelter. If you push people, if you “test” the patience of complete strangers, you are likely to get yourselves killed.

It’s free advice.

Listen, or don’t. It makes little difference to me, but it might just save your life.

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