For the first time, and hopefully last time ever, I am throwing away artwork that I commissioned. (UPDATE: I decided to keep it, read on)

Some years ago I received a badge from a “furry artist” at a convention. Pretty standard interaction, and that was the end of it.

Fast forward a few years and the artist posted a long journal on his Fur Affinity page, expressing a lot of upset feelings and he seemed in need of a friend. So I reached out to him, to let him know I’ve suffered some of the same things and if he needed someone to talk to he could talk to me.

In response, he instantly blocked me. And then, after learning that I struggle with suicidal feelings, he posted a large paragraph of lies, telling “everyone” that they should avoid me. That is the kind of thing that kills suicidal persons. And he did this knowing full well that it is expressly forbidden by FurAffinity’s terms of service.

To say I am disappointed is an understatement. I have, most of my life, given of myself almost completely to those around me. And it would seem that the punishment for being available and helpful to others, is to be isolated and alienated, stalked and libeled to death.

UPDATE: I refuse to believe this. I lived my whole life in heaven and I won’t have some lies tell me differently. I don’t know if the artist will allow me to force our friendship to remain what it was, a friendship, but if so then I want to. Whether twitter lets me say it in public or not. I’ll keep my art, however I thought to send it back, a reminder that he still has a friend somewhere.

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