Democratic Fair Tax

The tax system is broken. Money is spent on wasteful things while neglecting crucial items such as infrastructure. People are unhappy with the bizarre structure of income tax. As a result, many many many people are simply refusing to pay. The entire system is broken.

Solution: Democratic Fair Tax.
Fair Tax: Everyone pays the same tax, eliminate all loopholes. 15% is the popular number.
Democratic Fair Tax works the same, but instead of paying your money into a general fund and then letting government shit-heads choose how to distribute it, every tax payer chooses their own distribution. Instead of one general fund there is a fund for each government agency, DoE, DoJ, etc. Huge agencies like DoJ could be split into sub groups, FBI, CIA, Army, Marines, etc.

The argument against a Democratic Fair Tax is that people would not choose to spend money on necessary things, but I suggest that is not true. What makes a tax necessary? For example, Infrastructure is necessary because we need roads to drive our cars on. People will spend their tax money on infrastructure because they can see the result of under-funding in their own lives. I think this example would prove true across the board, and the nation would improve as a result.

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