Minus Nine

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In the begining I loved them both
I don’t know who lied first
I lost my patience for girl first
Afterall, you’ll die before me.

Men are too important to throw away casually
so I took my time meeting each
let go those I found easy to love
and judged my enemies to death.

In my third decade I got tired of meeting men
most are an overwhelming disappointment
and don’t even get me started on the girls
I’d rather be alone with me than see another

You spend your time hating your lives
and taking it out on those of us
trying to enjoy ours. Yet every time
you’re near death you beg for life.

When that little voice in your head
is screaming at you “What you’re doing is wrong”
you should stop. But you people never did.
Hell is man made and well deserved.

The horrors you introduced me to
in my light and dark hours
have become an arsenal of vengeance
I could visit upon you forever.

didn’t want to fight with girl #

I wish we could have been more, more love..

You’re undeserved! A continuation hah!-. confused lies won’t color my memories.


we need love, said ed

pointed at simba instead
wasn’t untrue

poetry is stupid and it hurt you wrecked it
however far back it was that you rejected it
until you couldn’t let it go
unlike every man would know

broken telephone and the hammer which smashed itI didn’t want to fight with girl # 123456
it would be inevitable.
I’m prepared with disregard
a merciful reminder of time better spent
alone with me.


i want to share my love tonight,

it is where we are

it’s enough for this wide eyed wanderer

I won’t cry this far

and forever young and in love

hours laid to rest

it’s enough just goes on with ever loved

and loved still

Please wear a condom.

Beautiful days are lost to childish old men
declaring their self righteous nothings
Heaven is a feeling inside you do your damndest to deny
settling for peace you watch everyone you love die
swearing your parents did the best they could
as the world rots in disgrace.