Universal Gladiators – PREMIERE

I’ve been in a sci-fi mood, so in addition to building a space empire based on the ideals of liberty, justice, and caring, I am planning for entertainment based on Professional Wrestling, to be beamed into our space stations and planetary settlements.


Genuine food can be had on the station, with different meats and foodstocks flown in from other worlds, as well as local fare.


US Flag - Distress

Gun Control Doesn’t Work

On December 15th, 1791, America made eternal it’s founding principals. One of the keystones of our nation is that the government serves the people, and not the other way around. Because the people are the power of this nation, it is important to protect their right to bear arms. If the rulers of the nation are not going to bear arms, than who should?

Violence is a disease. We can all agree. We’ve tried many things to solve violence, but for the last several decades a significant portion of the population has become stuck on the concept of gun control, as if they were a skipping record. Gun control has failed, and any person who is serious about reducing or ending violence will recognize this to be true. Gun control is a tool of tyranny and fools. People such as Dianne Feinstein are trying to embrace a fairy tale land which does not exist, and they’ve become agents of evil in the process.

Violent people who consider themselves real American patriots, and who have become disenfranchised with their lives and feel hopeless, have been committing terrible acts against the public as their suicidal outbursts. The idea that somehow we can control these people is _retarded_. They are not stupid people, they are angry people. They see the methods of control being used and they find ways around them. The solution is not to cast a wider net, destroying all of the things which make America worth living in, that is what created the monsters in the first place. Is it any wonder there’s been an increase of mass shootings even tho overall violence has reduced? We see the effect of a focal adjustment, but the results are not satisfying to anyone who really wants to reduce violence.

If we’re to reduce violence in our nation we need to address the root causes. We need to fix our systems of employment so that people can find meaningful work in their lives. We need to raise our children in ways which do not encourage violence, and which build strong distinctions between violence in entertainment, and peaceful behavior in real life. We need to protect the founding principals of the United States of America, because patriotic Americans do not want to feel as tho their country has been sold out from under them. Countless thousands of lives have been sacrificed to protect the ideas which are the foundation of this nation, and when “the Feinsteins” stand at their podium talking about gun control, it’s a sincere insult to all.

Human beings have free will. It is absolutely impossible to “control” a free willed individual, when they are determined to achieve their goals. Utilizing tyrannical methods to force American citizens to adjust their behavior is a failed experiment, which arguably never should have been attempted. It’s time to grow up, and address the problem as if we are intelligent beings, instead of reactionary fools.

Please wear a condom.

Beautiful days are lost to childish old men
declaring their self righteous nothings
Heaven is a feeling inside you do your damndest to deny
settling for peace you watch everyone you love die
swearing your parents did the best they could
as the world rots in disgrace.

US Flag - Distress

Evidence of Cultural Decay in the Marketplace

Since I began working for myself, I’ve noticed a trend in the development industry. A lot of people who need someone else to create their website or application built for them begin their communications by dictating the cost of the project, and stating that their terms are non-negotiable.

These people are confused.

When you need something, and you are unable to create it yourself, you have the ability to reach out to talented artists and professionals to have the thing you need created for you. You can have your product customized to meet your exacting specifications. This is amazing! It’s a luxury that we enjoy in our modern world. Anything you can dream up can be realized, for a price. That price is a decent salary for the person who sacrifices time from their life to create your dream. This is a luxury, and not an entitlement.

When you hire an artist to create a work of art for you, you pay what the artist wants. If you don’t want to pay what the artist wants, then you better pick up a brush and learn to paint for yourself. These people who seem to think the artistic world owes them something appear spoiled rotten. If you go into any company which sells a product, and try to demand they sell their product to you on your terms, you’re going to be escorted out, and they’re going to talk nasty about you behind your back.

These people are not inherently bad. They’ve had bad guidance growing up. Corporate culture has taught them that workers are slaves who’s time is not their own. They believe the workers exist to provide for the people with the money. This is 180 degrees from reality. Money exists for people with needs to compensate people with talent or skills for their time and effort. That is the only reality, and it will ever be the only reality in a capitalist society.

This is a growing problem in the minds of human beings. The rich and powerful became rich and powerful by exploiting the desperation and fear of the workforce. They tell talented workers “You will accept $10/hr for your pay, or else you’ll be homeless and hungry, because there’s 100 immigrants or college students who will do the same job for $7/hr.” What they don’t mention is that those immigrants and students could not possibly provide them the quality of product that they desire. Else they would hire them, and they’d never waste their time talking to the talented worker at all. Many of us are aware that people exist in life who will take advantage of us if given a chance, but the problem is larger than that.

Because this abuse of human trust and kindness has been going on for generations, we are seeing a change in cultural awareness. There are people growing up who are good natured, but they are completely unaware that any other system of work exists. If this trend continues, talented individuals will see less incentive to offer their services for pay. The quality of craftsmanship will be reduced, and eventually it will be impossible to buy products which are well made, or art which realizes our vision. Quality of life will suffer as a result. All will not be lost, all is never lost, but as a species we’ll have slipped several feet down the hill, and we’ll have to climb back up on ground we’ve already tread. This breaks the spirit of man. You can see from this, how such a small aspect of our cultural behavior can have devastating effects on the human world at large.

The lesson here is simple. Pay what the artist demands for their art. Stop trying to rip people off who’s talents you desire. If you don’t want to pay what they’re asking for, then learn how to do the work yourself. But keep in mind, it takes many years of dedication and passion to develop any skill to the point of being able to call one’s self a professional.

Check cart items for specific item & apply discount (WooCommerce)

I was working on a WordPress + Woocommerce store and there are special membership items, similar to a book store chain. If you buy a membership, you get a 10% discount on your purchases, including the current purchase, but only if you buy additional items.

So here is some PHP which checks your cart for the item in question, checks if there are other items in the cart, and applies the discount. If the special item is removed from the cart, the discount is removed as well.

Here is a modified version, using an array for the special items, in case you have different membership levels:



This is a work in progress. I’ve been wanting something like this for a long time. I based this on another system which had some simple rules for resolving conflict, but I felt it was lacking the depth required to have large scale battles. This project is essentially ‘open source’, I invite comments and playtesting to improve upon this, so that we can all have an excellent system which is easy to learn in minutes, and completely free.

Necessary items:

  • 1d8, tho more is better
  • Miniatures, they can be toys, empty bullet shell casings, anything really.
  • Scenery objects. Abstract or precise, use anything you like.




  • Rifleman / Grenadier
  • Scout / Sniper
  • Support



  • Jets & Planes
  • Helicopters


  • Armored Personel Carriers
  • Tanks


  • Squad Boats
  • Destroyers
  • Submarine
  • Battleship
  • Carrier


Small Arms


  • Semi Auto
  • Full Auto


  • Sub-Machine Guns


  • Combat Rifle
  • Light Machine Gun (Heavy)
  • Sniper Rifle (Heavy)

Area of Effect

  • Rocket Launcher (Anti-Vehicle, Heavy)
  • Grenade Launcher (Anti-Infantry, Heavy)
  • Heavy Machine Gun (Anti-Infantry, Heavy)


Standard unit of Measurement: 1cm

Turn Order

  • 1. Initiative
  • 2. Action Phase
  • 3. Free Actions


Roll dice for initiative, highest roll wins.

Action Phase

Each player gets 2 actions. All players use their actions during this phase, in order of initiative.
Actions include:

  • Movement
  • Attacking
  • Using skills

Free Actions

Each player has an unlimited number of free actions. All players use their free actions during this phase, in order of initiative.
Free Actions include:

  • Entering/Exiting a vehicle

    Each movement point allows 10cm of travel. Rough terrain costs double, as does moving up or down. Changing direction mid-move is allowed.

    Movement Points

    • Normal Unit: 1
    • Hero Unit: 1 + Agility
    • Vehicle: 3



    Attacker rolls 1d8. A result of 1 is an critical failure. A result of 8 is a critical success.

    Success table

    • Adjacent 2-8
    • Short 4-8
    • Long 6-8


    Defender rolls 1d8. A result of 8 is a success. For each point of armor or agility a unit has, decrease roll target by 1. So a unit with 2 armor needs a 6 or better to deflect a hit. Cover decreases roll target by 2.

    Area of Effect

    AoE blasts count as an automatic hit wherever they land, and all spaces adjacent. In the case of a miss, roll 1d8 to determine direction of the miss, and 1d8 to determine distance in units.


    • Critical Success – Unit is defeated
    • Hit
      • Normal unit is defeated
      • Hero unit is wounded
    • AoE Direct Hit
      • Normal Unit is Defeated
      • Hero is Defeated
      • Vehicle is Defeated
    • AoE Splash Hit
      • Normal Unit is defeated
      • Hero is wounded
      • Vehicle is unaffected


    Army point values should be equal or within an agreed upon handicap


    • Rifleman: 1pt
    • Grenadier, Sniper, Support: 3pt
    • Hero Unit: 5pt*
    • Vehicle Unit: 10pt

    Hero Buffs (Maximum of 5 points)

    • Armor+1: 1pt (Max: 2, cancels agility)
    • Agility+1: 1pt (Max: 2, cancels armor)
    • Accuracy+1: 2pt (Max: 1)
    • Morale+1: 3pt (Max: 1)


    Morale gives a +1 to all rolls for units within 10cm. Accuracy gives +1 to attack rolls. Agility gives +1 to movement points, and +1 to dodge rolls, but cannot be used with heavy weapons or armor, and is useless in vehicles. Armor gives +1 to deflect rolls, and cannot be combined with Agility.


    Planes & Battleships can only perform special AoE attacks from off-map. Carriers have no weapons and are used as platforms to launch air attacks. Submarines are used for anti-vehicular sea combat. Destroyers are used to attack submarines and defend Battleships and Carriers. Squad boats carry infantry on maps with rivers, and to launch amphibious assaults from carriers.

    Squad boats have 1 heavy weapon mount and 2 light weapon mounts. Infantry can attack from the boat with a -2 penalty.

    Planes can either attack with rockets or machine guns. Helicopters move like land vehicles, and can use rockets or machine guns. Submarine torpedos and Destroyer depth charges are treated like rockets. Battleships fire a salvo of artillery.

    Machine Guns fire 5 round bursts, each shot is treated like AoE but does no splash damage. Artillery fire 3 round bursts, each shot is treated like AoE with splash damage.