My Birthday Gift Wishlist

19 is going alright so far. My birthday is in March, I don’t expect anything from anyone, but if you want to get me a gift here are things I like, in no particular order:

High Priority:

  • To wake up as me, instead of hu.
  • My friends to stick around for 2 more years
  • A Prius Prime 2017 or 2018 with full feature package.
  • A Herman Miller “Embody” Chair, with Hardfloor & Carpet Casters, Black/Titanium color, and black “Balance” fabric.


  • An AR-15 Rifle with olive drab furniture and some kind of CQB optics.
  • PSA Lower Pictogram – 1560 AR-15 Lower. Since my first AR-15 lower is built, a more affordable alternative to this would be upper receiver parts, as I have not built any of the upper yet. High end bcg and barrel are requirements.
  • A pair of new ornate 1911 pistols, preferably not only scralling leafy flowers, with a variety of available holsters (location?/style?). Should include a fancy case. These would become an heirloom to be passed on across generations. Could be the same color, as long as some other detail is visibly different while holding them.
  • an FN P90 or MP5SD.
  • A pair of functional but decorative classical dueling pistols. Should include a fancy velvet-lined case.
  • High qualityleather shoulder holster for my Full-Size Beretta PX4 Storm. got.



  • A new dedicated gaming PC (parts list here). Got
  • A 25th anniversary “retro” Thinkpad. (Different Laptop Got)
  • The Division 2 (Video game). Got

Guitar Pedal:

  • Looper
  • Delay
  • Filter
  • Reverb
  • Wah
  • Distortion Got


P.S. To any government creeps who may be reading this, I wish to continue enjoying all of the amendments to the United States Constitution, especially the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 11th, 13th, and 14th. Happy birthday to me!

Please Stop Being Evil

Sorry if this post isn’t what you were looking for.

Please stop being evil. Stop killing things for sport or out of anger or passion. Stop raping things. Stop doing anything you want when you are clearly hurting other people.

The butterfly effect is real, when you throw a pebble into a pond there are ripples.

“that would mean we’re all connected, that would mean what I do effects this person, effects that person.. which would make doing anything you want, not that great”

The Lion King (2019)

Find sources of joy which do not cause harm to other people.

This is intended as a plea but also a warning. We’ve had enough. If you don’t stop taking from our lives we’ll have no lives worth living and the youth will wake up to see you for what you are, enemies.

Twitter is Public Enemy #1

Twitter is engaged in Social Terrorism and Treason. Twitter is a social media network that controls the #1 or #2 spot in the social media marketplace on any given day. It commands the majority of consumer to business interactions compared to any other single private internet company.

You have violated the Rules.

Twitter will ban accounts for alleged “violations” of it’s rules, but they never support these accusations with evidence. In fact Twitter will ban brand new accounts within an hour of creation, which have only posted a single non-violating tweet. Some people mistakenly believe that Twitter is within their rights, but those people are wrong. Because of the national responsibility Twitter has as a result of it’s position in the social sphere and marketplace, they do not deserve the freedoms of a private business.

Gross Social Manipulation via Censorship

So now we understand Twitter’s primary weapon in it’s owners’ war against the entire rest of the civilized world. Let’s look at their history of using this weapon to manipulate social narratives and political pressure. Twitter bans primarily conservative political pundits, or anyone speaking up as opposition to “Progressive Liberals”.

Not only are they engaged in this behavior, but they have confessed as much on various talk shows. Many people in the Twitter corporation’s leadership team are intentionally abusing their monopoly position to manipulate the social and political landscape for personal gain. That is treason in the United States of America.

Social Media is a Cancer

As if these things weren’t bad enough, studies have determined that Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are directly responsible for a significant increase in teen suicide rates.

The facts are in, Social Media is Killing Children. The studies show this is not necessarily the fault of socializing on the internet, but is instead the direct result of the models used by Twitter, Facebook, and others to encourage “likes” and “Follows”. Children who fail to win at this new social “Game” are taking their own lives.

Solution: Destroy Twitter. Destroy Facebook. Destroy Social Media.

Social Media isn’t inherently evil. Socializing and connecting with people is a good thing. But doing it under the umbrella of private for-profit corporations is bad. It is destroying our world, it is murdering our babies, it must be stopped.

Destroy Twitter. Destroy Facebook. They fucking suck! Don’t sympathize with them, they are smart people and they know what they’re doing is evil, they know that they’re hurting the world, but they did it anyway to make a dollar. Send them all back to hell where they belong.

apple 2 computer showing bbs screen

BASH & MySQL: Bulk blacklist for phpList

Recently I needed to blacklist a large number of addresses in a phpList installation. I wrote a super simple BASH script using the mysql client to accomplish this, and since I didn’t see one already when I searched, I’ll share mine here.

This assumes your database is named ‘phplist’ and your table names are standard. You need to create a text file (‘address_list.txt’) which contains your list of E-mail addresses to blacklist, one per line.

Simba running through the field playing Airplane

LGBT Stop Drinking Their KoolAid

When I was 15 I realized I was bisexual. That is not the same thing as “gay”.

Over years people went out of their way to convince me that I was gay. They don’t believe in “bisexual”. All they believe in is “normal”, which is straight, and everyone else is a faggot.

Y’all think that LGBT people are respected these days. We aren’t. They do not respect us. They do not respect you. They’re paying lip service out one side of their faces while mocking you out the other.

At parties people have dicks drawn on their faces in sharpee marker. They write things like “CUMSLUT” or “FAGGOT” on their bodies. The victims think this is just friends joking around. It isn’t. Those people are not your friends. They’re making fun of you, and pretending to be your friends so you won’t run away because then who would they victimize?

Humans are a terrible species of really awful people. All of you need to wake up and realize that. Stand up for yourselves and stop tolerating their shit.

Mysteries of the Universe Revealed

(for comedic value)

1. STEM Cells is a sex thing.
Why are people so opposed to a thing that would save millions or more lives in the future? Because it was about killing real babies.

2. She fucking hates me.

3. God hates fags.
His Non-Existent Grace probably shouldn’t, but truth is what it is. If God didn’t HATE Faggots (like me), then making love wouldn’t be painful.

4. Humans are self-destructive.
Having failed to defeat climate change, they celebrated their final moments in ecstatic love as the seas drowned their species to extinction.

5. For christmas my baby bought it. So I got into electro-shock therapeee (it’s funnier if you can hear the melody)

(as I write this it would seem “Shania Twang” has taken the recording studio and is working on her new hit “Killing Your Boyfriend With These Lies”. i am no longer fond of humans, that is true..)

6. Believe it or not, Simba would not tolerate giant ghost humans stomping around in the pridelands as if they owned the place.

7. The arabic system of numbers describes hell.

8. humans have got to go.

9. he stole time, he could create a literal filing cabinet he would be able to sift thru. It’s too bad that god is dead and no one cares.

10. :<

11. there used to be a species called “you man”, haha… the best thing is MOST of them didn’t know (this joke*) it was about them. (is that it’s never the best thing and almost always near the worst thing. She’s still going to fucking hate me, and it kills their babies. its not the only planet, however.)

12. Simba loves you.


You say heaven matters to you.
You claim that you love everyone.
You claim you kill babies and suck on their lives for fun.
You make a mockery of love as you rape away everything that was good in the world.
You made it a lie, not me. And I don’t want your lies.

You aren’t testing me. You aren’t judging me. If you can’t get on the right side of this it will fall forever, but I won’t.

Displacing / Projecting your guilt onto scapegoats will not save you. I would personally tear every one of your souls back to hell where you belong.

I want nothing.


For the first time, and hopefully last time ever, I am throwing away artwork that I commissioned. (UPDATE: I decided to keep it, read on)

Some years ago I received a badge from a “furry artist” at a convention. Pretty standard interaction, and that was the end of it.

Fast forward a few years and the artist posted a long journal on his Fur Affinity page, expressing a lot of upset feelings and he seemed in need of a friend. So I reached out to him, to let him know I’ve suffered some of the same things and if he needed someone to talk to he could talk to me.

In response, he instantly blocked me. And then, after learning that I struggle with suicidal feelings, he posted a large paragraph of lies, telling “everyone” that they should avoid me. That is the kind of thing that kills suicidal persons. And he did this knowing full well that it is expressly forbidden by FurAffinity’s terms of service.

To say I am disappointed is an understatement. I have, most of my life, given of myself almost completely to those around me. And it would seem that the punishment for being available and helpful to others, is to be isolated and alienated, stalked and libeled to death.

UPDATE: I refuse to believe this. I lived my whole life in heaven and I won’t have some lies tell me differently. I don’t know if the artist will allow me to force our friendship to remain what it was, a friendship, but if so then I want to. Whether twitter lets me say it in public or not. I’ll keep my art, however I thought to send it back, a reminder that he still has a friend somewhere.

Twitter is a Public Enemy

Twitter, for at least the last 2 years, has engaged in Social Terrorism. They are attacking America through the abuse of their market share and social influence.

Manipulation of the Social Narrative

Twitter bans opinion accounts to promote agendas they approve of, while silencing agendas contrary to their own. They’ve admitted to this on the Joe Rogan podcast.

Manipulation of The Marketplace

Twitter bans business accounts who have not violated any rules, while they allow other businesses to get away with anything. They always claim rules violations, but they never support their claims with evidence.

Manipulation of Our Elections

Twitter uses bans to control what you can or can’t say during an election cycle. In the past they controlled the order and visibility of posts in your “timeline”, deciding what people see. They do this to promote their own agenda, and their own politicians.

Twitter is Our Enemy

When is enough going to be enough? Twitter is an enemy to America. They obviously think themselves entitled to control the country in unprecedented ways. Their influence is undeserved and the damage they’ve caused already is significant. Many people, too many people, have died as a direct result of Twitter.

Are we so terrified of the life we used to have that we’re afraid to punish them? Life was better before Twitter.

#DestroyTwitter, #DestroyFacebook, #DestroySocialMedia, #SocialMediaKillsChildren

HOWTO: Magic Mushroom Tea (Psylocybin Tea)

Magic Mushrooms are Legal!

Denver Colorado, which is well known as being the first city to legalize recreational Marijuana, a trend that the rest of the country has since followed, has now also legalized Psylocybin Mushrooms, also known as “Magic Mushrooms”.

An important part of responsible recreational drug use is education. A lot of the dangers from recreational drugs come from ignorance or misinformation. So I’ve written this blog post to help folks who are interested in experimenting with this amazing substance.

Why a Tea?

Magic Mushrooms can be ingested dry, you can chew them up by themselves, put them on pizza or in spaghetti sauce, or any other ingestion methods. The problem is they taste like dirt. Dried mushrooms are spongy and difficult to chew, they taste horrible, and they often cause feelings of nausea when swallowed, probably because of bacteria and germs on their surface. Nausea is _no fun_ when you’re trying to have a pleasant third-eye experience. Ingested this way, it can also take a solid 45 to 60 minutes to feel the first effects.

When you make a tea from the mushrooms, you are transferring the psylocybin from the mushroom itself to the water, and leaving most of the contaminates and shroom parts behind. You can flavor the tea using any tea flavor that you like. You might still feel “weird” stomach feelings, but you won’t feel any abrupt nausea like you’d get from eating them. And the effects take hold much faster, often within 10 to 15 minutes.

Making the Tea

This is so simple, you’ll love it. First you dice up the mushrooms. The pieces should be around 1cm along each side, it doesn’t need to be precise but don’t mince them. Chop up the whole dose you plan to use, up to 1/8th oz (3.5g) , I don’t recommend more than 1/8th oz for a single person, as that will produce a very strong trip.

Once your mushrooms are diced up, place them in the center of a square cut of cheesecloth, large enough to create a “teabag”. Tie the corners together with some string or a twist-tie, you can use anything really. This will be your mushroom tea-bag.

Boil some water for your tea, you should start with at least 2 cups as some is going to boil off and you want to be sure you have a full cup of water at the end. Be careful not to burn yourself!

Once your water is ready, pour it into a cup, I like to use a measuring cup for this as it’s easier to avoid spills. Right away, place your mushroom teabag in the cup, along with a teabag of your favorite flavor of tea. Depending on what you use to tie the cheesecloth with, you may want to keep that part out of the water to avoid dyes or other unwanted chemicals from seeping. Let this sit for 15 minutes.

Starting your Trip

Once it’s ready, pour it into your favorite tea-cup and drink! I recommend starting a second pot of water after you drink the first cup. Your mushroom teabag should be good for 3 cups total, however once you finish the second cup (30 minutes in) you’ll be tripping so you may not get to the third, that’s okay.

Be safe and responsible! And if it’s your first trip, having an experienced “guide” with you is a very good idea. Music is okay, but avoid electronic gadgets like your computer or phone. Go outside and embrace nature. Expect your trip to last about 6 hours, maybe less, maybe more, depending on your dosage and body chemistry.

Avoiding “Bad Trips”

“Bad Trips” are mostly caused by bad drugs, that is, drugs from untrusted sources, that are cut with weird chemicals or are completely different than what the seller claimed. Always buy from a trusted source. Bad trips can also be caused by bad environments. A Bad Trip is basically when your body chemistry is doing something that you’re not used to, your brain doesn’t know how to deal with it, and you start to freak out.

If you start feeling uncomfortable while tripping, just remember that Psylocybin will not kill you. It won’t cause a heart attack, but it might make you feel an excited tingling. Nobody has ever died from using Psylocybin. So relax, enjoy the experience. If you’re really freaking out, try going outside. Especially if you are near a park or lake, or any kind of peaceful nature setting.

People will often become hyper-aware of their sensations when trying drugs for the first time, so try not to scare yourself if you feel little pains or tingles or whatever. We all have a tendency to block or ignore these normal feelings most of the time. Just remember that it will not hurt you, the trip will eventually fade away, and try to enjoy all of it because every trip is a unique experience.

dj snape

Two-Step Login Forms are Fucking Stupid.

In recent years a very tiny number of popular websites have started changing their login forms to require two separate form submissions, first the username, and second the password.

example of a two-step login form

This is a stupid idea. We are at a place in time where Password Managers are finally starting to catch on for regular use by regular people, which is fantastic. One of the coolest features of password managers is the ability to auto-type your username and password into login forms. Which the 2-step form completely breaks.

Let me tell you what’s going to happen. The future is Ease Of Use. The future of authentication is using a password manager that’s unlocked via a physical token such as a yubikey, biometric data, or some sort of “Master Passphrase”, and handles 100% of all authentication needs. Everyone who knows anything about authentication knows this is true. The point of computers is to automate tasks in order to simplify and improve our lives.

Automation of authentication requires login forms that are not confusing to password managers. The simplest way to deliver this is a standard 1-step login form with a Username – Tab – Password format.

The fact that certain developers decided to change tracks right at the moment in time when Password Managers are starting to pick up speed is evidence that those developers don’t have a fucking clue in their heads. So I am presenting you with a fucking clue. 2-Step Login Forms are Fucking Stupid.